Why Visit?

The gathering of the key players, industrialists, technologists, business people and authorities of the global natural gas industry is a unique chance for presenting the capabilities and competition.

IRGS provides the grounds for extensive high-level interactions among various players of the global natural gas market in the areas of exploration, production, transfer, distribution and application of natural gas. The considerable industrial capabilities and capacity of the gas reserves owned by the Islamic Republic of Iran, in addition to the critical role of natural gas in the Iranian and global development plans add to the significance of the event.

Some of general features of and the incentives for visiting IRGS include, market studies; customer relations; product, service; and idea review; and comparison; assessment and choice of suppliers for new products and technologies; reaching agreements and signing contracts; receiving agency or distribution rights from key players; meeting experts; technology transfer; discussing commercial issues in a real-world environment; getting to know and choosing colleagues and joints. 

The 1st round of IRGS was visited by over 2000 experts. Overseas visitors were from Russia, Japan, Iraq, Poland, Norway, Italy, Germany, Malaysia, India, China and... .

The Malaysian industrial and commercial group visited the 1st International Iran Gas Show with the coordinating of Islamic Republic of Iran Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

Visitors generally stated their purposes for visiting, as below:

PhD: 4%; M Sc/MA: 44%; B Sc/BA: 42%; College education: 10%

Visitors: Gaining specialized information on products: 28%; Monitoring the trends of the gas industry: 22%; Providing services to the participants: 16%; Discovering investment opportunities: 10%; Procuring desired products/services: 10%, Overall review of the products:7%; Other: 7%

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Petroleum Ministry and subsidiary companies: 17%; Universities and research centers: 32%; Gas industry freelancers: 30%; other: 11%


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