Why Visit?

The assembly of key players, industrialists, technologists, business people, specialists and stakeholders of the global natural gas industry, serves as a valued opportunity for presenting the capabilities and competition among the participants.

IRGS enhances the chances for the vast and prominent cooperation among various players of the natural gas industry in the areas of exploration, production, supply, transportation, distribution, and use of natural gas. All these, together with high rank of Iran among the owners of natural gas reserves worldwide, and the role of natural gas in the countries development plans provide further motivation for visiting this event.

In general, the following are among the primary opportunities offered by the event, which can serve as incentives for joining or visiting IRGS:

" Market research; customer relations; monitoring and comparison of a wide range of goods, services, and novel ideas; evaluation and choice of suppliers of goods and services; signing MOUs and agreement; applying for agency/distribution licenses from major parties, meeting specialists and experts, technology acquisition, discussing business in a real-world atmosphere, discovering potential partners for joint activities "