Tariffs & Services

Fair Grade: A

Roofed Area
Hall No. Gross Space(Sq. M) Net Space( Sq. M)
A4 5755 2800
A5 8661 4300
A6 5755 2800
Open Space 5000

Type of Require Space:

1-  Open Space (at least 30 Sq. M): 130 €

2-  Non Equipped (at least 36 Sq. M): 230 €

3-  Two, Three and Four Open Side:

3-  Equipped (at least 12 / Per Sq. M): Depends on Type of Stands as below:

Type Name Clip Master Normal
Model T1 T2 T3 T1 T2 T3 T4 T1 T2
Price(€) 285 290 290 275 280 295 285 260 265
* Pictures of stands and various kind of them, have been presented at gasshow.ir


- All costs are expressed for normal (one-side open) stands, and include the area and registration costs as well as those of registering the company name and logo in the IRGS book and website, and customary services.

- Equipped stands are offered in three forms, i.e. Normal, Master and Clip, and the costs of the space shall depend on the chosen form. Sample pictures have been included under the participants menu.

- Visa, hotel reservation, transportation, customs clearance and goods transportation, refreshments, appointing stand personnel, nterpreters, publishing and other related services can be obtained from the IGRS administration/representatives and the costs shall be declared.

- Hall A5 shall be reserved for self-built stands & foreign participants.

- All costs shall be subjected to a 9% VAT.