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Gas to Supersede OiL, says Iran EX-OPEC Boss

TEHRAN, Jul. 11(TANA) -- Iran's former OPEC Governor Abbas Khatibi said natural gas was poised to replace crude oil as the prevalent source of energy in the future.
Mr. Khatibi said that organization of the 1st Iran International Gas Show (IRGS 2018) is a perfect idea and a great event in the industry in Iran.
Speaking to TANA, the former official, pointing to Iran being sit atop the world's greatest natural gas reserves, and the raised awareness of natural gas's supremacy over other fossil fuels, said Iran's gas industry could be a major source of income for the country because gas contracts are long-term and cannot be targeted by sanctions.
The former Iran OPEC boss further described IRGS's organization for the first time in the country as a fortunate event for gas industry as it can introduce Iran's massive capabilities in the sector.
"In effect, the showcase is a window that links us to outside developments faster and allows the world to learn about our gas industry; therefore, it believe that holding the exhibition at such levels was a perfect ides because gas is a subject matter that the more is focused upon can be more beneficial for the country."
The senior energy expert further added that the gas industry is an ever-developing sector a state-of-the-art technologies are applied in it. IRGS provides for an atmosphere for recognition and introduction of such technologies to domestic industrialists, he added.
He called on the country's decision makers to pay more heed to natural gas and development of projects in the sector. "A perfect gas exhibition can be attuned to such an agenda, besides allowing for getting to know the capabilities of our rivals in the market, so that, besides removing our weaknesses, we can bolster our revenues and produce more value-added items."
Mr. Khatibi added that holding the showcase under the sanctions could be more beneficial than normal times because it connects us to our international audiences and puts us closer to them.
"We ought to take such events more seriously and hold them more specialized and seek more tangible achievements; market our capabilities and find the desired customers," he went on to add.
The energy expert, emphasizing that gas can be further enhanced in the future for domestic needs and income generation of the country, added: "Today, the domestic energy consumption of the country is moving towards natural gas, while developments in this industry have occurred that gas is being consumed by petrochemicals as feedstock, for example, in GTL technology, gas is converted to products like gasoline, diesel and jet fuel."
He postulated that natural gas will make the energy future of Iran and the world, saying: "Our petroleum reserves are less than natural gas and will deplete sooner; therefore, we'd better work out new approaches towards gas. Even though we have the world's biggest gas reserves, we are not considered a major gas exporter at all. Holding exhibitions like IRGS can function as a catalyst in this regard."

Gas to Supersede OiL, says Iran EX-OPEC Boss
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