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FM Full Support for IRGS

TEHRAN, Jul. 10 (TANA) -- The Economic Department of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has displayed full support for the first Iran International Gas Show (IRGS 2018) by notifying the Islamic Republic of Iran's missions in foreign countries about the event.
Hossein Mirseraji, director of the foreign section of the IRGS, said the Iranian foreign ministry has fully endorsed the showcase by holding briefing sessions and widely informing target audiences of the exhibition across the Iranian borders about its arrangement in Iran.
Considering the importance of the fair's content and subject matter as well as the hosting of Tehran, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Deputy for Economic Affairs through the Department of Diplomacy of Resistance Economy has advised Iran's representatives in target countries to inform organizations, organs and related companies about the showcase, he said.
In introducing the showcase, the aims of putting together the event are as follows, said Mir Seraji: 1) Presentation of the capabilities of Iran and leading countries in the gas industry, 2) Presenting the capabilities of Iran and introducing investment and cooperation opportunities, 3) Constructing the commercial-industrial grounds for the development of the gas industry; and finally 4) Bolstering the country's position in holding and hosting world-class energy events.
IRGS 2018 is being held at Tehran's permanent fairgrounds on September 1-4, 2018.

FM Full Support for IRGS
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